Group Members

Current Members

Nick Evans

Bec Spicer (PDRA)

Sean Barlow (2nd Year PhD)

Steven Nicholson (UG Project Student)

Abbie Wrench (UG Project Student)

Abigail Bidder (UG Project Student)

David Tomkinson (UG Project Student)

Jess Hale (UG Summer Project Student)


Past Members

Past group members have gone onto work in scientific industries (both inside and outside a laboratory), as well as undertaking further academic research including PhDs.

PhD students

Charlie Gell (2014-2019)

4th year undergraduate project students

Lucy Brock (2020/2021)
Andy Stocker (2020/2021)
Eve Roxborough (2019/2020)
Matt Young (2018/2019)
Emily Mason (2017/2018)
Chris Bithell (jointly supervised with Dr Michael Peach, 2017/2018)

3rd year undergraduate project students

Callum Duffy (2020/2021)
Sarah Bircher (2019/2020)
Emma McKinley (2018/2019)
Curtis Shearman (2018/2019)
Beth Fletcher (2015/2016)
Calum Marrs (2013/2014)

Summer project students

Patrick Grimes (Summer 2019)
Sophie Hobson (Summer 2019)
Giorgio Fusi (Summer 2018)
Emily Hindley (Summer 2018)
Tim McArdle-Ismaguilov (Summer 2016)