We are looking to recruit students and researchers keen to work on Supramolecular Chemistry research projects that will typically consist of a combination of synthetic and analytical chemistry.

Undergraduate Projects

Each year research projects are offered to Lancaster University undergraduates as part of the BSc and MChem Chemistry Research Project modules (CHEM381 and CHEM400). Results from previous undergraduate research projects on catenane and rotaxane synthesis have been published in peer-reviewed chemistry journals.

Project outlines are distributed by the Department of Chemistry in the second half of the preceding academic year. If you have any queries about the projects that will be/are being offered, please do contact Nick.

PhD Studentships and Post-Doctoral Positions

Funded PhD studentships and post-doctoral positions will be advertised here and on the findaphd.com and jobs.ac.uk websites when available.

Prospective students and researchers with their own funding for postgraduate research should email Nick directly, attaching a CV. Assistance in developing research projects will be available for excellent candidates (as judged by reading of supplied CV) applying for external funding opportunities.