Welcome to my research pages! I am a lecturer at the newly re-opened Department of Chemistry at Lancaster University, developing a research programme in Supramolecular Chemistry.

My primary research interests are in the investigation of Host-Guest Recognition and Self-Assembly. I am looking to build upon the knowledge and expertise I have gained through the study of interlocked molecules and chiral lanthanide complexes, to prepare molecules, complexes or supramolecular assemblies that may act as ever more useful receptors for a variety of ionic and molecular guests.

Please feel free to explore! For those who are new to supramolecular chemistry you might like to start with this introduction. Details on my current and past research may be found on these pages.

If you have any enquiries, please contact me. For those who are interested in joining my group, check out the Opportunities page for advice.

Dr Nick Evans

**Funded PhD Opportunity (UK/EU students) – Competitive**

A Supramolecular Chemistry project (with Nick as supervisor) is available on the list of projects that are being advertised currently for the competitive PhD studentship programme (3.5 years funding, starting Autumn 2018) at the Department of Chemistry, Lancaster University.

The project entitled: “Synthesis of Functionalized Catenanes and Rotaxanes for Supramolecular Chemistry Applications“ builds upon work on the rapid synthesis of interlocked molecules already undertaken and reported by the group. One of the applications that would be targeted is the binding of biologically relevant ions and molecules. The project therefore allows for synthetic organic chemistry to be combined with the analytical study of the properties of the prepared interlocked molecules. By working on collaborative project themes, there are opportunities to gain further experience and skills in computational and synthetic chemistry.

Interested students are very much encouraged to email Nick with any project specific questions and/or for more project details. For further information on the formal application process, please see here.

** RSC Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry Interest Group Meeting (MASC2018) **

The annual RSC MASC interest group meeting will be held at Lancaster University on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th December 2018. The meeting will include an excellent array of talks and posters, as well as the Bob Hay Lecture and MASC PhD Thesis awards.

Further information about the meeting can found at the MASC2018 website.

Latest News

April 2018: Preparations are well under way for the RSC Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry Interest Group Meeting (MASC2018) to be held at Lancaster in December 2018, with the meeting website now online.

January 2018: Nick starts the new year by presenting at PDB60 (60th Birthday Symposium for Prof Paul Beer) held at the Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford.

November 2017: A paper on a [3]rotaxane and [2]rotaxane molecular shuttle has been published by Supramolecular Chemistry – an invited contribution for a special issue on Emerging UK Talent in Supramolecular Chemistry. Nick presents a poster at “Synthetic Tools for the Exploration of 3D Pharmaceutical Space” (an EPSRC Dial-a-Molecule network meeting) at the University of York.

See the News Archive for older news items.